RatPac Dimmers is now RatPac Controls!

Meet the Family

The RatPac team has grown with its success: we are proud of what we do every day. From the most senior to the last person hired, we treat everyone as a family member. Based in Los Angeles, with offices in Brooklyn and Atlanta, we come together in a united effort to design and manufacture the finest products available to the market.

I provide support and guidance to field services and technical teams.

Anthony Bernal

Field Representative Georiga

I handle production and operations for RatPac in Atlanta, Georgia.

Shiyla Goodie

Office Manager Georgia

I’m the supervisor of all marketing and packaging of Ratpac product.

Justin Schaid

Creative Services Manager

I oversee our rental division for all offices nationwide.

Erin Brink

Rentals Manager

I’m the rentals and sales representative for Eastern Canada.

John Hall

Rentals / Sales Eastern Canada

I’m responsible for Sales and Rentals in Western Canada. I’m also a Gaffer in Vancouver, BC with over 35 years lighting experience. Member of IATSE Local 891.

Simon Hunt

Rentals / Sales Western Canada

I’m the brand representative for New York at RatPac.

Derek Murphy

Brand Representative New York

I oversee the development of new products and implementation of future technologies.

Adam Knapp

Director of R&D

I strategize production goals and creative solutions for RatPac.

Zaira Castro

Executive Assistant

I manage RatPac’s manufacturing quality control.

Daniel Gonzalez

Product Line Manager

I maintain the overall production schedules for RatPac.

Zac Magers

Supply Chain Manager

I serve as RatPac’s CTO in the Engineering Department. I hold several patents and obtain a BSEE degree.

Robert Nino


I manage sales and marketing in the U.S. Canada and abroad.

Nick Stabile

VP of Sales & Marketing

I’m the Vice President of the Rentals department at RatPac.

Blace Brink

Partner & VP of Rentals

I’m the Founder & CEO of RatPac. I’m a Local 728 Rigging Gaffer and I specialize in creative product development.

Craig Brink

Founder & CEO

I provide input to help drive the company’s strategy, technology, and operations. My primary role is working with RatPac’s senior management team to ensure an unrelenting focus on product quality, customer service, and market-leading technology.

Jim Bloom


Update on COVID-19 Virus response

In response to continuing restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 Virus, Ratpac has suspended all activities at our Van Nuys, CA facility as well as all of our locations throughout North America.

Please hold any shipments to Ratpac until further notice. Our Senior Management team remains available via email and phone as listed below, and will be happy to address your questions. Ratpac will continue to provide updates as we adapt in response to the recommendations of government and health officials.

We wish for your continued health and safety during this difficult time. Rest assured we remain committed to supporting you and your business needs.

The Management at RatPac Controls

Contact info:

Nick Stabile
(310) 614-9149
Blace Brink
(818) 808-7058
Zac Magers
(805) 709-4080