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We lead the industry in providing expertly tailored equipment required by entertainment professionals. Crews request our product because we understand the needs and challenges on set. We are changing the way crews rig and light sets. All RatPac® dimmers and wireless DMX products are proudly built with the highest regard for quality control and customer service. We supply dimmers to the largest rental houses and studios in the business, offering fast, personalized service.


We have 25 years of experience working with Strand products and offer repairs for all Strand dimmers. Retrofits are available for your technician to install. The truth is your production can’t afford to not use RatPac®’s. When you add up the cost savings in cable, rigging time, and related costs, we are competitively priced. With RatPac®’s truly mobile and flexible system, your dimmers can move to cover locations and swing sets, then go right back to your permanent stage rig, saving you money and time.